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Weigh Your Wheels:

The weight of your wheels plays a crucial roll in both dirt and asphalt oval track racing applications. Reducing your wheel weights will reduce the "rotating mass" on each corner of your car. Any reduction in rotating mass helps the car accelerate better. 

The weight savings over the course of a set of wheels can be significant. It is estimated that saving 3 lbs. per wheel would typically equate to 9 lbs. per wheel of total car weight. Over the entire set of four wheels, the car would accelerate as if it was 36 lbs. lighter!

Wheel weights are also important in that they matter twice as much when it comes to acceleration. Not only does the weight matter when calculating the force to rotate the wheel, it also determines the force it takes to drive that wheel forward as well. Overall, a heavier wheel will accelerate considerably slower because of the increased force to drive forward and rotate the wheel.

Any savings on rotating weight can play a significant role in the performance of your race car. Compare your wheel weights to ours in our online store and see the weight savings that can be achieved. 


Measuring Backspace:

Backspace Diagram.png

Backspace is the distance from the back edge of the wheel to the hub mounting surface. To determine your wheel backspace, position the wheel face down and lay a straight-edge across the back of the wheel. Measure the distance from the straight edge to the wheel's hub mounting surface.

Measuring Bolt Pattern:

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