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Ultralight Stock Car Wheels                                         (607) 687-2991

The Ultralight is our most popular wheel for all stock car classes.
It features a lightweight spun rimshell for accuracy and tubular
outside edges to withstand the contact of short track racing.
Available in silver, black, or chrome. Bolt patterns available are:
4x100mm, 5x4.5”, 5x4.75”, 5x5”, 6 pin(6x5.00”), 5x5.5”, and 8x6.5” (additional charge). Backspace available from 1” to 7”. Available in black, silver, flat black, white, or chrome.

Size      Weight   5on4.75 Part #  5on5 Part #

15x8              17.8 lbs.              572A0308                 572A0408 

15x10            19.6 lbs.              572A0310                 572A0410

15x12            20.8 lbs.              572A0312                 572A0412

15x13            22.2 lbs.              572A0313                 572A0413

15x14            23.4 lbs.              572A0314                 572A0414

15x15            24.4 lbs.              572A0315                 572A0415



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